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Krungsri First Choice: ไม่ต้องทน

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Krungsri First Choice: ไม่ต้องทน

Objective / Brief

  • To improve brand image and also increase engagement through online film
  • To create buzz (talk of the town) and hook Gen Z audience

Project Details

Krungsri First choice has got #1 social award for the last 3 years and would like to continue its position however, recently there is higher competitiveness from competitors. So we would like to make sure the content and activities in social and digital assets are relevant , engage and also at the end of the day generating sales.

SPRITE X GUYGEEGEE is considered one of the major superstars in the rapper music and their YouTube channel is the largest official artist channel (Over 1 M subscribers). They released “ทน” and it is famous on the time. The campaign’s objective was to further increase awareness and engagement, drive YouTube channel growth, and increase traffic to Krungsri Frist Choice online platforms. We took the opportunity leveraging SPRITE X GUYGEEGEE is parody their music video to “ไม่ต้องทน” re-engage fans and maximize views during release week.



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