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Objective / Brief

Sansiri is preparing to construct a new condominium project in the heart of Ratchathewi, offering central access to offices, proximity to the medical hub, schools, and universities. The target audience comprises the Generation Wealth, affluent youth with inheritances, with a focus on students, doctors, medical personnel, and high-level management residing or engaging in activities in the mentioned area. Amid the growth of the district and the competition from surrounding condominiums, how can we make potential targets choose to buy or invest in Sansiri’s new condominium in Ratchathewi?

Rabbit’s Tale is responsible from presenting the project or condominium name, designing the branding CI, to planning communication strategies and overseeing production development, spanning from the hint phase (pre-launch) to the launch phase, including the thematic film.

Project Details

Based on the challenge of campaign, the concept of ‘In the mood of Ratchathewi’ was developed. The sign reflects the emotions and feelings of people in the Ratchathewi area. The vinyl sign on the lightbox will be dynamically changed daily, illustrating that Ratchathewi is a diverse area with different emotions and lifestyles. This piece of work reflects Sansiri’s understanding of lifestyles, feelings of people in the Ratchathewi area, and the fact that our mood can change every day. The aim of this work is to evoke a shared emotion in the audience and make them excited to follow the changing images on the sign every day. At the end, to create awareness that there will be a new project by Sansiri emerging in Ratchathewi.

The project’s name is ‘SHUSH,’ a name that aptly reflects the character and lifestyle of the residents, clearly indicating that they belong to the Generation Wealth or quite a luxurious demographic. This group of individuals is goal-oriented in their approach to life and seeks quality living experience. SHUSH is sound similar ‘Shhh!’ the silence, also, reflecting the concept of quiet luxury, the high quality of living. Therefore, the narrative of the thematic film revolves around presenting the stories and lifestyles of three target groups: University (Media Students), High Management Level, and Entrepreneurs. This is achieved by blending their lifestyles with the sound of objects that reflect their identities, showcasing that they choose things of quality, including the condominium.

Scope of work:

  • Project Name & CI Branding
  • Brand & Campaign Communication Strategy
  • Creative Idea and Creative Execution for Hint and Launch Phase (Thematic)
  • Media Recommendation, including KOLs for Hint Phase
  • Brochure and E-Mapping