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GQ Apparel: Work wear that works

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GQ: Workwear that works

Objective / Brief 

  • To Communicate what GQ stands for and redefine meaning of workwear, So audience should understanding work wear that works (ใส่แล้วเวิร์ค) and GQ  valued people who love to work.
  • Expand GQ’s customer base by fulfilling functional benefits and emotional benefits for our consumers, Create emotional connection so the potential customers really see/notice GQ and feels inspired, motivated, excited by the brand.

Project Details

The first start of this campaign is the brand film, which presents the brand’s purpose that GQ values individuals who love to work, and we support them.

By portraying the execution through normal work situations of workers turned into a mission that makes you feel like you’re the hero, we aim to create an emotional connection and inspire our potential targets, makes them to feel excited and motivated to go to work after watching this film and to recognize that GQ is ‘WORKWEAR THAT WORKS’ for them.

Scope of work:

  • Creative Idea and Execution
  • Brand Film – Longform video
  • IMC for client to execute