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Gaysorn Cooking Oil Re-Branding

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Objective / Brief

In order to broaden the customer base for Gaysorn vegetable oil, it is imperative to penetrate the market among the younger demographic, particularly generation Y, which currently possesses both potential and purchasing power. The characteristics of generation Y individuals include a penchant for challenges, considering every learning experience as significant, and maintaining a strong sense of self-pride. Consequently, it becomes imperative to adjust both the brand direction and communication strategies to effectively resonate with the younger generation. Understanding their culinary needs and preferences is crucial, and the brand must communicate in a manner that aligns with the behavioral patterns and preferences of this customer segment.

Project Details

The brand aims to refine the image of Gaysorn vegetable oil to appear more contemporary, aligning with the evolving needs of diverse customer segments. The rebranding effort seeks to present the brand as modern and accessible, particularly targeting the younger demographics (Gen Y, Gen Z) to expand the consumer base to encompass the newer generation.

In this context, the new TVC for Gaysorn vegetable oil intends to convey the message that every time one steps into the kitchen, cooking is not just about successful recipes but an adventurous journey without boundaries. This aligns with the insight that the challenge lies not only in creating delicious meals but also in the exploration of new and innovative cooking methods. Today’s culinary challenges go beyond the quest for tasty dishes, extending to the dedication to venture into various, unique cooking styles. Gaysorn vegetable oil invites everyone to step into a realm of new and delightful flavors, emphasizing the theme of “จุดประกายให้ทุกจานเป็นไปได้”https://youtu.be/a35wDNmQakY?si=hhy9yzSstBwbzNG0