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Robinhood: โค้ดส่วนเลิฟ

Objective / Brief 

To gain 50,000 new users to Robinhood Application through 6-8 weeks campaign focusing on Food Delivery service.


  • The method of measuring and evaluating the results of this campaign involves a two-step conversion process: downloading the application and placing the first order.
  • The campaign must be executed through branding that emphasizes humility and kindness, setting it apart from the typical selling points of the Food Delivery industry, which often attract people through promotions.

Project Details

Because happiness is meant to be shared.

In today’s world, convenience and speed are what many people seek, making everything, including ordering food delivery, easily accessible through mobile phones. We, as an intermediary, strive to make everyone’s lives more convenient. However, at the same time, we acknowledge that we play a part in ensuring that everyone feels the warmth, the smiles, and the heartfelt words through the voices of our restaurant partners. Robinhood, as a small food delivery application, connects restaurants with customers every time our riders wait in front of the establishments. The scene is familiar: the owners warmly greet the customers, with ordinary yet special words that are unique to them. These words are not just inviting phrases; they are filled with the intention to convey the expertly crafted flavors of the food. We want every customer to experience and receive such a warm welcome. Therefore, Robinhood has decided to elevate the meaning of these welcoming phrases by turning them into discount codes that go beyond the ordinary discounts. We call them ‘โค้ดส่วนเลิฟ’ replacing the heartfelt words from the restaurants. Apart from the initial discount of 100 baht for new customers ordering from any restaurant through the Robinhood application, we hope that you will feel the care and intention to welcome every customer from the restaurants. For us, these ‘โค้ดส่วนเลิฟ’ are not just meant to open customers’ hearts to new restaurants, but we want these codes to be a bridge connecting the happiness and relationships between everyone and the small businesses on our app. So that everyone can enjoy this moment together.

Therefore, we are launching a Promotion Campaign for customers who order food through the Robinhood app from any restaurant for the first time. Customers can use one of the following discount codes, each representing the restaurant’s caring words:

  • KINRAIJASUDLOR (กินไรจ๊ะสุดหล่อ)
  • LONGTANMAILOOK (ลองทานมั้ยลูก)
  • MAISANGJASIAJAI (ไม่สั่งจะเสียใจ)

Receive a discount of 100 Baht* as a gesture of care from the restaurant, with no minimum order amount required. (*Conditions apply as specified by the company.)