Data and Interactive

Rabbit’s Tale

Data and Interactive

Rabbit’s Tale has made success for more than 100 local and international clients with experience-driven marketing communications service offerings from consultation to execution on business

Data Collection

Collect customer data or capture potential lead of your business from CRM campaign and digital touchpoints.

Core Services include: Data Planning & Roadmap, CRM & Loyalty Program, Lead Capturing Platform, User Registration Platform, Data Enrichment Campaign

Data Transformation

Clean, transform, and structure your data into workable formats

Core Services include: Data Cleansing, Database Management, Data Pipeline & ETL, Integrating Customer Data Platform

Data Analysis

Analyze and visualize to find insight and make the best sense of your data

Core Services include: Data Analytics for business, Data Visualization, Analytic Dashboard

Data Activation

Activate your data into personalized and automated campaign journey

Core Services include: CRM Implementation, Personalized Campaign, Marketing Automation, LINE Business Connect

Digital Platform Research & Design

We conduct a full-scale research to ensure the design that improves satisfaction and delivers the best digital experiences for your customers

Core Services include: UX/UI research and design, Navigational design & Wireframe, Online Platform Strategy, Digital Ecosystem Planning

Tech solution & Digital Platform development

We always focus on customer’s needs and business problem to design and develop a tech solution and digital platform that enhance your business performance

Core Services include: Digital Platform Development, IT Solution Consultation, Infrastructure & Database design

Advanced SEO Implementation

As an SEO expert, we can help you empower your website and digital touchpoints with SEO marketing to maximize its performance

Core Services include: Technical set audit, Site Analytic Audit, SEO Research, SEO Report

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