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OATSIDE: Sorry Too Popular

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OATSIDE: Sorry Too Popular

Objective / Brief 

OATSIDE, a famous Oat milk brand from Singapore, has firstly launched and on shelf in Thailand with surprisingly good feedback from consumers causing out-of-stock situation for awhile.

To create good relationship and gain back brand love between OATSIDE and target, we create “Sorry we’ve been too popular” to convey that OATSIDE is now back in stock and easier to find either in modern trade or e-commerce channel.

Project Details

Since OATSIDE received many negative complaints on twitter platform about product unavailability such as “OATSIDE is so good but also so hard to find” or “the only thing I don’t like about OATSIDE to finding it.” etc

These complaints are inevitable; therefore, we took an action by initiating the conversation to state that we are sorry for being too popular while solving the problem with an announcement of a big restocking and tagged those people who complained to share our sincere apology to them.

We went further by sending hand-crafted special gift sets, customized postcards as an apology to everyone who complained to reconnect and regain brand love.

  • Online campaign and media tactic
  • Master KV with social content supports
  • Hand-crafted special gift sets and customized postcards


OATSIDE has won the public’s hearts by gaining brand love and brand sympathy with the sincerity and the commitment we shared to the consumers. Receiving free and organic media from consumers in social media, it spread not only the demand of the product but also the proof of product taste itself. This campaigns during awareness phasing help trigger consumer to engage with campaign and gained number of 154K engagements.


OATSIDE: Sorry Too Popular
OATSIDE: Sorry Too Popular
OATSIDE: Sorry Too Popular