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MINI: Online Flash Sale Platform

Mini: Online Flash Sale Platform


MINI aims to boost online sales by creating an online platform for reserving MINI vehicles for the first time in Thailand. They plan to promote this online platform for a limited edition model, with only 25 units available for reservation exclusively through the online booking system.


Create a compelling experience to instill confidence and encourage decision-making among potential buyers for a high-involvement product category through the online channel.

What we do

• UX (User Experience) Design: We design features and functions with a focus on convenience, completeness, and security, ensuring mobile accessibility.
• Booking and Queueing System: Facilitate convenient and efficient reservations, ensuring a seamless process.
• Payment Gateway Integration with OMISE: Provide secure, user-friendly, and trusted payment processing.
• Adherence to International Security Policies: Ensure the highest level of security.
• Monitor During Campaign Activation: Offer continuous support during the campaign.
• Performance Report: Summarize usage data to inform future product development.