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Five Star: Chicken Snacks for your busy life

Five Star: Chicken Snacks for your busy life

Objective / Brief

Five Star Chicken, a legendary quick serve restaurant chain in Thailand, would like to create relevancy of brand and today’s digital target customer. Their products including Grilled chicken, Fried Chicken, Rice Menu and Chicken snacks such as chicken nuggets, chicken pop, deep fried chicken roll and smoked chicken breast, are cooked fresh everyday to serve every customer anywhere, anytime. Following the brand essence, to create Five Star moment for everyone in the family.

Project Details

In 2021, Five Star Chicken Launch “Chicken snacks for your busy life” campaign in which they have launched 6 versions of online film to personalize customer. It communicates all ages and genders. The message is “No matter who or your career or your interests are, Five Star Snacks are ready to fulfill the busy day with a meaningful meal.” The 6 version of online films are a same story but different narrator’s voice over. Each version communicates with a different target customer

Below are the 6 version of “Chicken snacks for your busy life” film

1. “ORIGINAL” Version, for mass target

2. “LOVE COACH” Version, for people with problematic relationship

3.“SLANG POP CULTURE” Version, for trendy people

4.“FOOTBALL ANNOUNCER” Version, for football lover

5.“MEME” Version, for a fun and easy moment

6.“RAP” Version, for people who communicates in rhyme

The Online film 6 version launched via Five Star owned channel and Influencer Facebook pages to create relevancy and engagement.