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Doi Kham: Tomato Family 2022

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Doi Kham: Tomato Family 2022

Objective / Brief

During the campaign periods, the client would like to maintain sales of Doi Kham Tomato Juice products to have sales of not less than 200 million baht to be a business objective of 2022. For the online campaign, the objective is to emphasize the benefits of Doi Kham tomatoes in a variety of products and generate a trend to continually mention Doi Kham tomato juice online.

Project Details

Marketing today is focused on functional rather than emotional to make various products to win the consumer thinking, Doi Kham always did that. Today, Doi Kham Tomatoes not only want to own the functional benefit that consumers need but also want to own the emotional that is relevant to consumer. So, Doi Kham will use the opportunity from the dimension of differentiation from the market.

The Tomato Family Campaign this year came up with “Pain Made My Day” Concept, let Doi Kham support the pain that you meet and turn it into positive energy and power and let the pain be turning point to take care of yourself.

The Hero materials are a outstanding key visuals with a insightful copy, that can hook the consumer with insightful about the pain that most people meet. The Key Visual has a separate version of a tomato family, tomato juice, ketchup, dried cherry tomatoes but they has the ending tagline with “Take care of yourself every day with Doi Kham Tomato products” to encourage people to take care of yourself.

Communication Campaign:
– Key Visual of Tomato Family
– Content Supported x 4 pcs
– KOL / Influencer Content for Product Review, Amplify KV and Amplify Content

Doi Kham: Tomato Family 2022
Doi Kham: Tomato Family 2022
Doi Kham: Tomato Family 2022
Doi Kham: Tomato Family 2022