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Doi Kham Ice Pop ‘Everything is POP!’ (ใดๆ ในโลกล้วนป๊อป)

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Doi Kham Ice Pop ‘Everything is POP!’

Objective / Brief 

Doi Kham launched new product ‘Doi Kham Ice Pop’ for maintaining and increasing the marketing share of fuirt juice, since the fruits juice is the main sales of Doi Kham. Also, cultivate brand awareness and foster brand loyalty, Doi Kham aims to become the first choice that comes to consumers’ minds when they seek freshness.
The marketing goal is to increase sales of the new product category by 50 million THB or 3,000,000 units in the year 2023. This can be achieved by actively sourcing locally grown fruits as alternative ingredients to replace the declining supply of fruit juice. Additionally, reviving and utilizing the existing and expired production lines will contribute to economic benefits.
The communication objective is to create awareness among the primary target audience, the New Generation of Doi Kham, for the Doi Kham Ice POP. This includes communicating the key product features, product type, and the recommended consumption method of refrigerating before eating. The aim is to strengthen the brand’s reputation as a fruit expert, highlighting that Doi Kham products are made from natural fruits, wholesome, and offered at an affordable price. Also, the brand preference for Doi Kham Ice POP is driven by its ability to impress consumers with its freshness and unique sense of fun with key message “Freeze Happiness, Pop Freshness”.

Project Details

The communication strategy to launch the Doi Kham Ice POP product begins with positioning it in the market as an “In-Home Refreshing Snack.” This positioning is based on analyzing consumer behavior trends when it comes to choosing snacks and desserts, as consuming such treats is known to uplift moods and alleviate stress. Moreover, it provides an opportunity to overcome the limitations of the product, which requires refrigeration before consumption, by expanding the possibilities and presenting a wider range of options compared to competing products solely focused on the ice cream category.
The communication strategy for the product “Doi Kham Ice Pop” primarily targets the younger generation, including teenagers, students, and young professionals aged 15-25 years old, with a minimum income of 15,000 THB. This target group nationwide seeks to reward themselves with enjoyable and refreshing snacks throughout the day as part of their lifestyle. They share a common behavior of seeking valuable and new experiences as they highly value their individuality and have a clear sense of identity. Therefore, the role of the dessert product should be able to provide them with new experiences.

In the communication campaign for the launch of Doi Kham Ice Pop, the focus will be on highlighting the concept of new and enticing experiences aligned with the product’s belief. This includes:

  • Creating new and enticing experiences through the format of the Freeze – Peel – Pop pouch before consumption.
  • Unprecedented flavors made from real fruit juice.
  • Suitable for consumption at home or can be mixed and consumption in your way.

The key message for communication is “Freeze Happiness, Pop Freshness,” and the product, Doi Kham Ice Pop, offers a new and refreshing sweetness that connects with genuine fruits, leading to creative works under the concept of “Whatever in the world, everything pops.” This will be presented through various media to reach the primary target audience by addressing their interests and concerns. The goal is to create an engaging and compelling environment for decision-making and to choose Doi Kham Ice Pop. The campaign will be divided into three main storytelling mediums: films, books, and songs, which will serve as the main creative pieces of the communication campaign. The primary communication channels include online films, TV commercials, and key visual media, supported by various online and social media platforms that align with the target audience’s consumption behavior.

Scope of Work:

  • Strategy Direction
  • Creative Idea and Creative Execution
  • Media Recommendation, including KOLs
Doi Kham Ice Pop ‘Everything is POP!’
Doi Kham Ice Pop ‘Everything is POP!’
Doi Kham Ice Pop ‘Everything is POP!’