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Objective / Brief 

The project begins with the brand’s desire to enhance the efficiency of the back-office system’s operations and improve the appearance of the new website to align better with modern standards.


The challenge involves designing and presenting a new UI design that elevates the brand, which already possesses sophisticated design expertise, to a higher level. Additionally, it includes managing the website structure, particularly the project/zone pages under Areeya, to ensure easy discoverability on search engines.


Project Details

  • UI Creative Design Mood & Tone: We start by studying the market and competitors, proceeding to the brainstorming and ideation stages, and presenting the concept mood and tone. This leads us to develop the UI Master Mood Board Design overview, which serves as a foundation for designing other sections.
  • Brand Project SEO Supported Structure: Based on research, we discovered that the project/zone pages are crucial for supporting search engine search behavior. Consequently, we structured these web pages to facilitate searchability.
  • Back-end Revamp to WordPress: We transition from a customized back-office system to WordPress, providing a standardized platform that allows for easy development of various structures. Furthermore, we enhance security through the implementation of security modules.

Other Services: 

UX/UI Design Front-end and WordPress Back-end Development System Integration PDPA Management Infrastructure Management.

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Website: https://areeya.co.th/