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Vistra: Loyalty Program on LINE Platform

Objective / Brief

VISTRA is a dietary supplement company that aims to be a data-driven marketing company. In order to achieve its goal, they need to collect and analyse their customer data.


VISTRA wants to collect customer data via loyalty program in order to analyze their preferences and provide more personalized content, offers, and benefits to customers. But VISTRA products are sold through other purchase channels that aren’t their own, thus VISTRA couldn’t collect any customer data.

Project Details

We developed a loyalty program in LINE Official Account, in a partnership with Buzzebees, Thailand’s No.1 CRM solution provider. VISTRA customers can take part in VISTRA’s point collection and reward redemption campaign through sending unique codes found in VISTRA products.

VISTRA can track customer’s purchase behavior through the product’s unique codes sent and track customers preferences through answering survey questions that is updated in a quarterly basis.