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The new product upgraded of UNIF 100% vegetable and fruit juice drinks which are Broccoli Formula, Goji berry Recipe and Beetroot Formula.


In the competitive market, UNIF lost market share to competitors. To become the market leader again, UNIF has to increase 20% of sales. Therefore, we need to create a new purchase occasion for UNIF 100% mixed vegetable drink and uplift brand preference to become a leader in the fruit and vegetable juice market.

Projects Detail

WHO recommended that appropriate consuming portion of vegetables and fruits is 400 gram per day which average Thai daily meals don’t contain enough. This opens the opportunity for new purchase occasions of UNIF 100% by suggesting consumers to drink it as vegetable supplements on every meal.

We developed “Ideal Meal Campaign” that composed of 3 parts; online film, on-life experience and hijack contents. Firstly, the online film was created to change the perception and make consumers acknowledge that consuming vegetables or fruits 400 grams per day is difficult.

Then to grab attention from the audiences, we hijack fast food contents by turning them into healthy ones by replacing the ingredients with vegetable and fruits.

Finally, we created the On-life Experience to emphasize the key message by collaborating with local restaurants to demonstrate “Ideal Meal”, the meal with 400 grams of vegetable on their special menus available at restaurant and delivery.

By showing them what 400 grams of vegetable really looks like, it made consumers realize that they don’t eat enough vegetable in real life and UNIF 100% is the easier option to reach the appropriate consumption. Moreover, we also challenged Youtubers to consume 400 grams of vegetables by delivering Ideal Meal which resulted in the rising in campaign awareness.


UNIF 100% perceived as a drink that boosts their wellness. The hijack contents generated the page engagements 10 times more than usual which the highest amount than ever before. We received great feedback not only from audiences but also the fast-food brands. They joined the conversation! These ads successfully hijacked people’s interest in UNIF 100% whenever they think of vegetable. For on-life experience, we created tons of buzz which were 7.2 million reaches, 1.8 million engagements and, most importantly, the sales increased up to 25%