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Tivoli: Twin Jumbo

Objective / Brief

Tivoli, the No.1 brand in the coated-wafer market under the URC (Thailand) Co., Ltd., aims to continue to build brand awareness, equity, and brand love of core brand “Tivoli Twin” through 360 campaigns also aims to strengthen leadership on the No.1 brand in the wafer by registering in consumers’ minds by focusing on core SKU – Tivoli Twin/Twin Jumbo Choc by communicating with an appetizing shot to convey the products.

Project Details

Presented and promoted a variety of Tivoli Twin Jumbo family through the “Music” in the campaign. Also, utilize Ice Paris as a presenter in TVC and other platforms such as TikTok and Joox to create awareness and use the music sung by our presenter, which emphasizes our catchy key message and tagline “ทิวลี่ทวิน สองชิ้นโต ฟินช็อคโก้ แถมมีไซส์จัมโบ้” with the catchy groove to relate to the target audiences.