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SRICHAND: Skin Moisture Burst

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Objective / Brief

SRICHAND, a well-known and trusted cosmetic brand among Thai people with over 70 years of expertise in beauty products, has expanded their product portfolio to the skincare category with mastery experience, combined with cutting-edge technology.

SRICHAND Skin Moisture Burst Gel Cream is one of their skincare products and was launched in September 2021. A year has passed they have been resizing and repricing the product to meet consumer needs.

Now in 2023, Rabbit’s tale has a big challenge to make SRICHAND Skin Moisture Burst Gel Cream become viral and strengthen awareness in product as an essential skincare to achieve the perfect skin they want for SRICHAND current customers also category users.

Project Details

Led by insight, Rabbit’s Tale triggers the target with the most typical-critical-moments in their life. It is when you are full of things. A lot happened so you don’t invest a single minute to take care your skin.

We portray the moment and create call-to-action with messages “No matter what happens in your life, your face truly needs a moisturizer” It’s because hydration is the foundation for healthy skin.

With 3x short VDO series, we executed with the most common situations for every woman which is Heartbreak from a lover, Hangover from after party and Hard work from your boss. Whether how tough life is, SRICHAND Skin Moisture Burst Gel Cream is an indispensable item for you, especially, your face.

SRICHAND Skin Moisture Burst