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SAMYAN MITRTOWN: Tenant Management Application


Samyan Mitrtown is a rental building offering office and retail space. To provide comprehensive tenant management, Client need an application platform capable of handling various tasks, including reporting issues, maintenance requests, room decoration notifications, building access, and communication with relevant parties.


Designing a system and integrating it with SAP to support multiple departments, ensuring ease, speed, completeness, and precision in their operations. The goal is to reduce costs and eliminate communication gaps.

What We Do

  • On-Site Research: Study the operations of all parties involved (tenants, tenant services, loss prevention, service teams, and landlords) in Samyan Mitrtown to find the most suitable solutions.
  • System Analysis: Design and define the product vision, features, and user workflows.
  • UX/UI Design: Use the gathered usage data to design a system focused on meeting needs and providing an excellent user experience.
  • Platform Development: Develop the platform, including both the website and application.
  • SAP Integration: Manage the integration with SAP to ensure seamless operation.