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Enhancing the LINE Platform for Mini VIVI GT



To improve the LINE Platform for effective communication of product information, services, and news updates between brands and B2B customers. The primary focus is on fostering engagement through gamification and various rewards.


The target audience consists mostly of elderly retail traders. Therefore, we aim for a user-friendly UX/UI design to create a positive user experience and encourage daily usage.

What We Do

  • Platform Strategy: We design the platform using gamification mechanics to engage the primarily elderly retail trader audience.
  • Customer Online Journey Research/UX: We study user behavior, primarily among elderly users with small mobile devices and limited internet speed.
  • Visual and Concept Development: We design system interfaces that align with our strategy and user behavior.
  • Development: We integrate APIs with LINE for sending rich messages/menus, LINE notifications, and linking MID with LINE DB to target specific user groups through LINE LIFF interfaces.