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Playmore x Yaya

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Objective / Brief

Playmore started entering the country in 2015 as a confectionery and confectionery product which in the candy market worth about 9,000 million baht, the market segment that is not growing and dying, Playmore is a growth commodity amid the economic stagnation, during the COVID-19, there are many online product review clips by consumers, especially among the kids and teenagers. However, the problem is the brand is unrecognized because the customer only remembers only famous product as “ลูกอมแตงโม”

The goal is to be recognized as one of leader candy brand, so that it can lead to product experimentation and word of mouth. Also, enhance “Creative and Fun’ and ‘Leader of Candy and Gummy’ brand image and brand DNA in the current target, young generation, and expand more awareness to adult target.

Project Details

For this communication, there is ‘Yaya’ Urassaya as a brand presenter, to help drive the brand to be more massive awareness in the mass target, not especially the communication. Also, helping to reinforce the brand image of ‘ยิ่งเล่น ยิ่งอร่อย’

The execution is a thematic, “Let’s Play with Playmore”, Yaya and her friends to go on a fun adventure in an imaginary city with a various Playmore products under the concept of “ยิ่งเล่น ยิ่งอร่อย” reflects the identity of Playmore. In addition to being delicious also full of creativity Play in any situation It reflects the brand’s DNA.

Brand Communication Campaign

  • Brand Strategy
  • Creative Works
             – Thematic x1
             – Cut Down Video x2
             – Main Master Key Visual