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IVISN: Botanical toothpaste

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Objective / Brief

To create awareness for IVISN, a new botanical toothpaste, without neglecting the legacy of its mother-brand, Viset Niyom.

Project Details

IVISN is a new botanical toothpaste in the market, the first achievement will be creating awareness about IVISN as a botanic high-performance toothpaste for a complete health and beauty. Main key visual, KOLs usage on product review and online films were used during the first phase.

Next is to educate how IVISN can give a complete oral care and elaborate on product’s benefits via social always-on content with the utilization of brand’s presenter and online films cut-downs.

Lastly, we will convince consumers on the effectiveness of IVISN and create conversion by collaborating with well-known artists: Suntur and New Year.