iexpress services aim to increase user engagement on their website, which is why it’s crucial to enhance the website’s SEO for maximum efficiency on search engines.


To overcome the challenge of reaching the top page, especially when consumers are still unclear about our product and service offerings, we recognize the need to enhance the SEO structure of the iExpress website. As a result, we’ve made the decision to conduct a comprehensive audit of our website’s structure and delve into researching the digital journey of our consumers. This approach will help us uncover valuable insights and allow us to continuously monitor our progress.

What We Do

  • SEO Consultation
  • SEO Keyword Research
  • Site and Analytics audit
  • SEO Planning and Report
  • Monthly SEO Performance Report


Result after 4 months: Google Analytics Data

• Organic Sessions increased by +56.17% 

• Organic Users increased by +73.43% 

• Organic Page views increased by +37.44% 

• Organic conversion on goal “complete order” improved by +20% 

Google Search Console *non-ads

• Website’s impression significantly improved by +583.65%, amount improved close to 6 times of previous month.

• Website’s click improved by +145.75%, amount improved close to 1.5 times of previous month.

• Literally, people see iExpressByDHL website much more using “dhl” in search engine. Though the website got low clicks from this keyword compared to its impression.

• Keywords that improved most in terms of click is keyword “iexpress dhl”, +355% growth.