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From the client’s brief, Gambol would like to expand the business opportunity to an older target segment, 26-35 years old, because they are lapsed-customers. The concept of modern, young, fun and teen didn’t seem to match with them anymore. However, we still have the opportunity to win back this target group, adults, which means that they are a potential target. We researched consumer insight and found out that, for adult, sandals are for everyday use, not for fashion. Launching the campaign directly for adults could result in losing the current target which is a teenager. Therefore, we challenged the brief by proposing different strategic direction that communicates with both targets which have a common preference for sandals.

Projects Detail

Sandals are the type of shoes that we use every single day and “Comfort” is a basic need for the target user. According to consumer analysis, we found out that the connection between these age group is not about being teen, but interest or preference without age boundaries such as football or travel etc. Therefore, interest and preference are the keys to develop 10 short-films which cover all segments including teenager and adult, man and woman, even LGBTQ. In order to create more effectiveness on brand awareness and relevancy, our media team developed a media strategy to deliver ads on the right placement for each target group. Moreover, we also expand brand awareness through online influencer to inspire and enhance product usage under the idea “The story behind”, to show and portray usage of Gambol in daily life. At the end of online communication funnel, we also did Google Search Marketing as an opportunity to gain sales and conversion along with brand awareness campaign.


Three months after the launch, we achieved over 59 million impressions, 20 million reaches and 14 million views which are 4 times more than KPI.