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Eversense: เชิ่ด SHINE ในแบบที่ใช่

Eversense: เชิ่ด SHINE ในแบบที่ใช่

Objective / Brief

To Increase brand awareness and improve top of mind awareness among teens and buildup Eversense own media especially IG to aim to trend setter with trendy lifestyle and to be differentiate from competitors.

Project Details

Eversense Thailand wants to promote through the campaign to adjust the new look and announce the brand’s new presenter, “Bow Maylada” for the first time.
The first campaign is the Branding Campaign which has changed the brand’s Art Direction and presentative aspects that more understands and penetrates the insight of Gen Z people, who are our targets.
The new communication this time wants everyone to be confident and be “Eversense Girls 2022” through the tagline that “เป็นตัวเองไม่ต้องสนเสียงใคร เชิ่ด SHINE ในแบบที่ใช่”
This time we created the 9:16 online video to be mobile friendly that can be easily seen through social media to match the platform on which our target audiences consume. We also shot the thematic KV for promotional purposes and applied it to various offline media as well.

– Online VDO 9:16 x 1
– Online VDO 4:5 x 1
– Master KV x 1
– Adaptation KV x 2
– AWO Content on Instagram and Facebook

Eversense: เชิ่ด SHINE ในแบบที่ใช่
Key Visual