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Eversense: มั่น Shine ได้ทุกยก

Objective / Brief 

Eversense to be a only brand that truly understands and helps gen z to freely enjoy all explore and experiment.

After the success of branding campaign 2022, the brand want to keep continue communication 2023 in a product campaign to reinforce with consumers in term of brand awareness and become a top of mind brand through new product “Eversense Super Whitening Roll On” that product highlight for this year.

Project Details

We decided to communicate to let consumers know the new product of Eversense Roll on. By focusing on product efficacy that helps whiten the underarms within 5 days and protects body odor. so that every woman can be confident in every activity through idea of the campaign is “มั่น shine ได้ทุกยก”

Scope of work:

  • TVC & Online Film
  • Key Visual
  • Social Content Support and Media Tactic