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Eversense Cologne: เชิ่ด SHINE ในแบบที่ใช่

Eversense Cologne: เชิ่ด SHINE ในแบบที่ใช่

Objective / Brief

To Increase the cologne category awareness and improve top of mind awareness among teens and buildup Eversense own media especially IG to aim to trend setter with trendy lifestyle and to be differentiate from competitors.

Project Details

With brand positioning, Eversense is “A brand that brings out the charm of yourself that exists in every woman to be more confident” through adding charm and scent that helps self-empowerment by using Eversense Cologne.

In this campaign, in addition to promoting the product that is easy to carry and easy to use throughout the day, it also has to bring out the 2022 Eversense girl style edition that is in line with the primary branding campaign, “เชิ่ด SHINE ในแบบที่ใช่” through communication by showing product features that convey both variety of scent that can go along with everyone, every look whether you are a sweet girl, a nature lover or the sexiest girl everyone is able to enhance their charm through their style. So, this campaign is communicated by using the tagline “คอมพลีททุกลุคที่เป็นเรา” to show how Eversense Cologne can complete and accessible with every girl.

Eversense Cologne Campaign

– Online VDO 9:16 x 1

– Online VDO 4:5 x 1

– Master KV x 1

– Adaptation KV x 2

– AWO Content on Instagram and Facebook

– Media Campaign