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Downy: Wrinkle Protect Fabric Enhancer

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Downy: Wrinkle Protect Fabric Enhancer

Objective / Brief

Downy would like to introduce a new segment of fabric softener, “New Downy Wrinkle Protect Fabric Enhancer,” which is designed to give anti-wrinkle technology together with the long-lasting freshness of Downy. With Downy Wrinkle Protect Fabric Enhancer, clothes are smooth and there is no need to iron them, even after machine wash! Downy would like to drive awareness and trial amongst Downy users and category users by changing how consumers do laundry.

Project Details

We demonstrate the performance with the first moment of proof and make the easy smoothness come through online film three situations that are relevant to consumer target such as housewives, students, and office workers who need to iron their clothes with three simple words “ซัก ตาก เรียบ” (Wash Dry Smooth) and “รีดทิพย์ แต่เรียบกริ๊บบบ” (No ironing, but smooth out the wrinkles.) to emphasize Downy Wrinkle Protect Fabric Enhancer benefits and make consumers feel like they have a partner who can help them no longer need time to iron their clothes.

They can just use Downy Wrinkle Protect Fabric Enhancer in the laundry process, so they can have time to do anything they want and make them easy to understand with KOL and influencers to be the real users who can prove our product benefits and convince consumers to try Downy Wrinkle Protect Fabric Enhancer.

Downy Wrinkle Protect Fabric Enhancer รีดทิพย์แต่เรียบกริ๊บ
– Online VDO x 3
– Online Content x 5
– KOL & Influencers x 76